Maximize Career Potential

Record Label Services

How much time and money you are willing to invest in your venture (releasing albums, touring, radio promo etc) ?  what does your budget look like, to promote records @ radio/ shoot vids ?

In essence we will serve as a Independently Contracted Music Executives that will help guide your career (create opportunities/ help you make decisions) and position your music group or artist to reach goals that you have outset (radio, TV, record deals, touring).

What we bring to any Label Operation or Client is a sense of purpose, direction and accountability.

Our Record Label & Entertainment Business services include but are not limited to:

•    Artist Development & Consulting
•    Label Sponsored Emerging Artist Showcase(s)
•    Record Release Parties
•    Tour Development and Support
•    Club Partnership Development
•    Media, Public Relations & Publicity
•    Film/ Viral Video campaigns (editing/shooting)
•    Industry Seminars & Workshops

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