Principals Of Prospect Hill


Jason O'Neill
Prospect Hill Productions
Host & Co-Producer of Hoops Factory

CEO, Wire to Wire Sports MGT

Hailing from Santa Barbara, Jason always had a propensity for expressing himself. While earning a Journalism Degree at Dominican University in 1998, Jason met Aubrey Gray, CEO Prospect Hill Productions, and the groundwork was laid for a future endeavors.

During this time period, Jason cut his teeth in a variety of media fields; initially, taking a job at Tower Records that soon lead to him being appointed overseer of the Rap/Hip-Hop & Latin sections. By 2000, Jason had been named road manager for Prospect Hill Productions and shortly there after also took responsibilities as VP of A&R at PHP. While in school, Jason was extremely active on the student newspaper holding positions ranging from staff writer to head editor before settling in as a page editor and staff writer; initially handling the sports page & later, the entertainment section. During this same time period, Jason also ran two separate campus radio shows; one a politically based talk show he co-hosted and another music based show in which he served as sole host for.

As CEO for Wire To Wire Sports (Host, Hoops Factory) Jason handles all interview duties from researching subjects to preparing questions and securing interviews. He also contributes content and even light editing duties for Hoops Factory: Insider Report (Indi Hoops). As contributing writer for the highly anticipated Gray Matter Report, Jason provides a fresh take on the increasingly stagnant Hip-Hop culture. Taking pride in the merits of hard work, Jason is proving his talent and value to the masses.

 VP of Music / Radio Promotion- Prospect Hill Productions

"One of the most consistent party DJ's in California" are the words spoken from music executive Etienne Carter to a regional media outlet, about the DJ after working with Illest 2007 in Sacramento. His cerebral understanding of culture, vibe and history are the foundations that cultivated his skill as a DJ and coinsure of fine music. Producer, Engineer and Music Executive is currently working with Kendre' Berry as his live show and tour DJ as well as producing marketing and film content for the #TeamKendre movement.  

Greg Wilson

Business Manager- Prospect Hill Productions

Wilson is the "go to guy" with any business pertaining directly to Kendre' Berry. Gray and Wilson were brought together in 2011 by a burgeoning entertainment maven in San Diego. Wilson has a vast understanding what makes an artist commercially viable, sustainable at market. Greg never settles for mediocrity when dealing with artists, he keeps his eye trained on creating & developing stars only. Wilson is currently president of Kendre' Berry's imprint Invincible Avenue Entertainment based in LA.

Jarrell Strong

A&R Manager- Prospect Hill Productions

Strong has a serious intuition for discovering young vibrant talent. Manager and Label president for Cleveland hip-hop artist Pete Blvnco and their own imprint, the future looks very bright for the South Side Chicago native. Jarrell holds no punches when assessing producers and artists. Strong displays a keen understanding of the projected ceiling / goals of artists from different genera's and walks of life.   

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